Heinz Beck
Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck


La Pergola

Waldorf Astoria Rome



29, 30 & 31.10

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Heinz Beck

Known as one of the world’s most notable masters of gastronomy, Heinz Beck’s unique interpretation of the “modern” kitchen goes beyond his undisputed culinary talent, but includes the utmost attention toward the selection of ingredients and their transformation into highly innovative flavours


eyond an excellent career as a highly decorated chef, Heinz Beck has been heralded as a leader in Italian and Mediterranean culinary tradition. Born in Friedrichshafen in 1963, Beck is a careful observer of food effects on the body. His profound understanding of culinary culture is revealed in several of his noteworthy articles, which address more than culinary practices.


For more than 15 years, he has had important collaborations with national and international scientists, as well as Italian universities, concerning the good balance between food and health. Today, Beck consults several businesses, offering the same attention to detail that his guests receive at his 3-star La Pergola in Rome, as well as in all his restaurants worldwide, a testament to the genius of Heinz Beck.


A polyhedral genius of our time, in which different attitudes evolve into different arts, Beck is multi-starred and widely awarded, with prizes including the Five and Six Star Diamond Award (both conferred by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences and the first in Italy to obtain such acknowledgement), the Gold Medal at the Foyer of Artists, an international prize awarded for the first and only time in 40 years to a chef, and the Knight of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany.


In 2010, Heinz Beck and 10 other top Italian chefs joined forces to found the Order of the Knights of Italian Cuisine, in order to communicate with national and international institutions and the media as a united front. In 2014, thanks to his strong and persistent attention towards health and innovation in the gastronomy field, Beck was named Chef of the Year at the 10th Identità Golose international congress, and the recipient of the Lion of Venice Career Award, conferred by AEPE during the 6th Congress Gusto in Scena. 

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