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Kevin Fehling

Germany’s youngest 3-star chef always wanted to do things his own way. In August 2015, the opening of The Table in Hamburg was the realisation of that dream


HERE ARE FEW chefs that can lay claim to the coveted 3 Michelin stars. Fewer still have achieved the distinction as quickly as Kevin Fehling, the German chef who, after opening The Table in Hamburg in August 2015, was awarded the ultimate accolade within a mere three months. The distinction was the culmination of years of training, driven by Fehling’s passion for gastronomy and his curiosity to see the world.


Born in Delmenhorst in 1977, he cut his teeth in the kitchen aboard the MS Europa cruise ship, followed by a couple of restaurants in Hamburg, before joining the 3-star chef Harald Wohlfahrt at the prominent Schwarzwaldstube restaurant in the Black Forest valley. Once back on board the MS Europa, aged 27, Fehling realised that he wanted to be his own chef and do things his own way.


In 2005, he took on the role of head chef at Columbia Hotel in Travemünde, and over the course of 10 years, he garnered 3 Michelin stars at the hotel’s restaurant La Belle Epoque. In 2015, his dream came true when he moved to Hamburg to open The Table, a trendy, urban-inspired restaurant that seats just 20 people on a long curved table facing an open kitchen. In November that same year, just three months after opening, the restaurant earned 3 Michelin stars.


This ultimate distinction is the recognition of his style: avant-garde, refined, effortless. Classic dishes get a modern interpretation with inspirations from around the globe, from South American nuances to Oriental flavours, resulting in complex yet balanced and perfectly crafted creations.

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