Paolo Casagrande
Paolo Casagrande

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Paolo Casagrande

Commitment, consistency and hard work define the career of Italian-born Paolo Casagrande, chef de cuisine at Barcelona’s 2-star Lasarte restaurant


FTER GRADUATING from the Alfredo Beltrame Hotel and Catering School in Vittorio Veneto, Paolo Casagrande worked his way through many restaurants in his native Italy, further honing his culinary skills at leading fine dining restaurants in Milan, London, Paris and San Sebastian.


Among the prominent chefs with whom he worked, the most influential was Martín Berasategui, with whom he opened the acclaimed M.B. restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton Abama in the Canary Islands. After overseeing the opening of the luxury Castadiva resort on Lake Como in Italy, Casagrande rejoined Berasategui in 2012 and became the chef de cuisine at the 2-Michelin-starred Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona.


Along with a love of Meditteranean cuisine, the Italian chef brings his passion, depth of commitment and exceptional level of consistency to the table. At Lasarte, he combines Berasategui’s signature dishes, which vary according to the seasons and reflect the aromas and flavours of the region, with his own innovative classics created purposely for the restaurant in Barcelona.


A believer in the importance of emotions in cooking, the Italian chef, who hails from a small town near Venice, also manages two restaurants in Hong Kong – Isono Eatery & Bar, a cocktail bar and kitchen with a casual concept serving Spanish specialities, and Vasco, a fine-dining restaurant in keeping with the Lasarte philosophy and with a marked Basque influence.

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